White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest defended Planned Parenthood at a press conference Thursday, saying videos showing representatives explicitly discussing the alleged sale of aborted fetal tissue are “not a lot of evidence” of illegalities, and that Planned Parenthood “lives up to the highest ethical standards.”

Speaking to Fox News’ Doug McKelway, Earnest said the Obama administration has no intention of pursuing an investigation into the allegations, despite numerous calls from members of Congress to defund the abortion provider, and independent investigations launched by various state governors.

“Has the White House had any communication with Planned Parenthood about standardizing procedures for fetal tissue research? Has the White House had any concerns about illegalities in this realm? Have you had any sort of investigation, or are you considering one?” McKelway asks.

“Not that I’m aware of,” Earnest says. “I think Planned Parenthood has been quite specific about the policies and procedures that they have in place, and I know they have described those policies and procedures as living up to the highest ethical standards.”

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