Jurriaan Maessen
July 9, 2009

After the Bush administration in 2001 decided to cut US government funding for the United Nations Population Fund’s China program, the Obama administration is now planning to fill the pockets of the United Nations Population Fund with fresh federal funds once again. Even though recent investigations exposed the UNFPA’s intimate involvement in China’s coercive birth control policies, the new administration apparently cares not, as it allocated $50 million to the eugenicists.

planned parenthood
The Obama administration has demonstrated an alarming ideological bent in favour of groups like the UNFPA and Planned Parenthood.

Only days after his inauguration, President Barack Obama announced he would resume funding for the UNFPA and its ‘family planning’ activities in China and elsewhere around the globe. State Department spokesman Robert Wood explained the allocation with the following argumentation:

‘The United States is a global leader in promoting voluntary family planning and the health of vulnerable women and children in the developing world.’

As it turns out, the concept of voluntarism is not easily reconcilable with the Chinese government’s aim of reducing its population. On July 7th, LifeSiteNews.Com reported that UNFPA’s claim that it “played a catalytic role in introducing a voluntary reproductive health approach in China” is patently false. Steven Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute, explained the policies by the Chinese government- partially funded by the UNFPA:

‘Women continue to be arrested for the crime of being pregnant. They continue to be forcibly aborted. Minorities continue to be targeted. The handicapped are forbidden children. These violations of human rights are occurring right under the UNFPA‘s nose. It is ludicrous to suggest that the UN population controllers do not know about them.’

These facts are in stark contrast with the claims of the United Nations population control arm, who back in 2001 maintained that ‘reproductive health programs are “fully voluntary”.’ The Population Research Institute however travelled to China’s provinces and counties where the UN Population people are active. What they witnessed is heart rendering:

‘In every village in one UNFPA county, billboard propaganda urges women to help the economy by complying with family planning policies. PRI interviewed dozens of other women and men, all of whom confirmed- without exception- that voluntarism is non-existent in this county where UNFPA operates.’

Even today, the website of the UNFPA uses the argument of the economic crisis to convince people to cut down on the number of children:

‘In the context of the financial crisis, when resources are limited, investing in family planning is even more attractive – because it is a cost-effective intervention with both short term and long term impact.’

Based on firsthand observations by the Population Research Institute, to say that the situation is dire would be an understatement:

‘Only about five miles from an UNFPA office- in a county where UNFPA claims that women are free to determine the timing and spacing of their pregnancies- PRI interviewed a young woman who reported that she came under severe pressure to have an abortion. (…) To avoid a forced abortion, this woman fled to a neighbouring town where she went into hiding (…). Unable to locate her, family planning officials attempted to force the woman out of hiding and into an abortion by arresting the woman’s mother, father, brother, sister, and mother- and brother-in-law. They were held in jail for four months. (…) While her relatives were being held in jail, to further increase the pressure on her to have an abortion, their homes were partly destroyed. The attack occurred on April 5, 2000, on the occasion of a major Chinese festival, Qingming. Family planning crews armed with jackhammers attacked this woman’s house, and her brother- and father-in-law’s homes, hammering great holes in the floors, walls, ceilings and roofs of these homes. In addition, they ransacked the homes.’

UNFPA’s response? In their ‘Draft country programme document for China’ in 2005, the organisation states that “UNFPA will continue to use the results of the systematic monitoring, evaluation and research of its operational project sites to work with key partners to facilitate and advocate programme changes.’

Furthermore, the “draft” explains that: ‘UNFPA and the Government will build on previous experiences in the area of reproductive health in China, including those of partners such as the World Health Organisation, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) and The Ford Foundation.’

[efoods]Who could these “family planning crews” be exactly, as described by the Population Research Institute as thugs looking for pregnant women to intimidate? The UNFPA states that:

‘The UNFPA country office consists of a representative, two national programme officers, two junior professional officers, and national programme and support staff. National project personnel may be recruited to strengthen programme implementation.’

Reproductive health: the ultimate euphemism. Just like ‘family planning’ (who will do the planning) and ‘cost-effective intervention’. These are cold words from cold organisations dedicated to reducing the world’s population, the sooner the better.

Documenting these atrocities in great detail within a 2001 report by the Population Research Institute forced the Bush administration to withdraw their support and funding for the UNFPA indefinitely. Despite the alarming reports however, the current administration has shaken the money tree once again, providing the UNFPA with the necessary funding to continue their dubious undertakings in the People’s Republic of China. PRI’s lead investigator Colin Mason:

‘The Obama administration has demonstrated an alarming ideological bent in favour of groups like the UNFPA and Planned Parenthood, groups that have been repeatedly shown a laissez-faire attitude toward human rights and national and international laws.’

‘We believe that the evidence is conclusive’, stated the PRI-spokesman. ‘The UNFPA, contrary to its own statements, is participating in the management and support of a program of forced abortion and forced sterilization in China, and should therefore be ineligible for US funds.’

The Obama administration nevertheless says: ‘so what?’- while pouring American taxpayer’s money straight into China’s eugenics programs.





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