May 29, 2012

An Obama operative claims that working-class voters would rather have a beer with “the black guy” than the president’s Republican opponent Mitt Romney. The unidentified operative made the statement in New York magazine’s feature profile of Obama’s re-election campaign, Hope: The Sequel:

“Romney really, actually thinks that if you just take care of the folks at the top, it’ll trickle down to everybody else,” says another Obama operative. “But no one believes that stuff—no one! And once you puncture that, there’s nothing left. He’s not likable. He’s not trustworthy. He’s not on your side. You live in Pittsburgh and you’ve got dirt under your fingernails, who do you want to have a beer with? It ain’t f**king Mitt Romney. You’re like, ‘Shit, I’d rather have a beer with the black guy than him!’”

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