Jurriaan Maessen
April 15, 2009

In a speech at a MIT-forum on ‘clean energy policy and climate change’ on April 13, Obama advisor on science and technology issues John Holdren, repeated his call for large-scale geo-engineering projects to combat ‘climate change’.

A Guide to the Bohemian Grove obama 340x169Although late last week Holdren was forced to back-pedal on his statement that ‘it’s got to be looked at’, he is apparently so enthusiastic about geo-engineering the atmosphere that he repeated his call before the listening audience yesterday. In the forum designed to keep the well-oiled global warming mantra machine going, Holdren explained that large-scale geo-engineering projects designed to cool the earth could ‘conceivably’ be done.

In an earlier statement, Holdren pointed to unintended consequences related to such projects, but this does not hold him back in playing God with the earth atmosphere regardless. He obviously sees no problem in continuing coining the idea of geo-engineering in public- presumably in the hope that mentioning the possibility often enough, makes it acceptable in the long run.

Source: http://news.cnet.com/8301-11128_3-10218083-54.html

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