A Gallup poll conducted in March of 2014 showed Americans were not worried about issues presented by Obama and the Democrats.

Climate change came in second to last as a national problem, according to the survey. Race relations landed at the dead bottom of the list. Immigration was near the bottom as well, followed by environmental concerns.

Not surprisingly, most Americans said they were primarily worried about a dismal economy which, according to the establishment media, was on the rebound.

Nearly 60 percent of Americans rated the economy as the problem they are most concerned about.

58% said they worried a “great deal” about out of control federal spending and the budget deficit which, according to Obama and the Democrats in 2013, was a phantom issue cooked up by a crazed tea party faction in Congress to derail government healthcare.

Nearly as many people said they were worried about the state of healthcare, according to the poll.

If Obamacare was the cure for the nation’s broken healthcare system, as Obama and the Democrats insist, this would not rate as a serious problem.

Obviously, millions of Americans understand Obamacare is not a solution but in fact exacerbates the problem.

Americans also indicated they were concerned about a gargantuan government and the authoritarian power it increasingly wields.

Social Security, hunger, homelessness, crime and violence overshadowed immigration, the drug war, climate change and race relations in the poll.

Despite the poll results, the corporate media, led by MSNBC or CNN, continued to blather on about race and climate change.

This was done not because these government propaganda organs are clueless, but rather as a diversionary tactic to steer Americans away from the real problems they face.

Now faced with the reality despite trillions spent in a doomed effort to stimulate the economy with an influx of trillions in inflated funny money, the government may cook up a new distraction, for instance a war against Russia or China.

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