Matthew Schofield
October 30, 2012

After a campaign that’s been about jobs, jobs and more jobs, the next president will be faced with a world full of problems that have little to do with improving the American economy. These are issues that often bear a geographic name: Afghanistan, Benghazi, Iran, Syria, Israel, or with out-thinking and overcoming those who seek to harm Americans.

These are the issues for the commander in chief role of the Oval Office, and while they’re often thrust upon a president more than sought, they will go a long way toward determining how history will view a presidency.

The two major party candidates, President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney, both generally back the same course on many of the major issues. Both would withdraw U.S. combat troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2014, for example, albeit at a slightly different pace. Both hope tough sanctions will force Iran to halt its nuclear program, while both reserve the right to use force as a last resort. Obama even joked at their last debate that Romney’s solutions consist of nothing more than speaking louder when saying the same things.

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