Kurt Nimmo
February 26, 2010

It can’t get more surrealistic. Obama has appointed a former member of the primary organization responsible for socking future generations with crushing debt to a government panel ostensibly designed to address that engineered debt.

scott brown
Former Federal Reserve Vice Chair, CFR and Trilateral Commission member Alice Rivlin.

Obama created the debt commission last week by signing an executive order. During the dog and pony show otherwise known as the election, Obama promised not to rule by authoritarian Roman decree.

“President Barack Obama rounded out his appointments to his new deficit commission, naming former Federal Reserve Vice Chair Alice Rivlin and three others to serve on the panel,” reports the Associated Press.

“I am proud that these distinguished individuals have agreed to work to build a bipartisan consensus to put America on the path toward fiscal reform and responsibility,” declared Obama.

Obama also installed Dave Cote, the CEO of the transnational death merchant corporation Honeywell, and Andy Stern, president of Service Employees International Union. SEIU is notorious for dispatching brownshirt thugs to attack patriots at anti-Obama events. Obama earlier appointed Clinton’s former chief of staff, Erskine Bowles, and former district of criminals fixture Alan K. Simpson.

Stern has called senators terrorists for daring to oppose Obama’s Totalitarian Care at gunpoint scheme.

In addition to the working for the Federal Reserve, Rivlin is a member of both the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission.

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What an obscene joke. The Federal Reserve is a branch office of the bankster cartel responsible for loaning funny money to the government and creating the national debt. Last year, the Federal Reserve bought 80% of this debt. The corporate media likes to say China and foreigners own the debt but in fact foreign investors as a group bought only 20% of the total – around $300 billion or so. The balance over the past 12 months was substantially purchased by the Federal Reserve.

In order to pay the interest on this astronomical debt owed to the banksters, new loans must continually be taken out, expanding the money supply, inflating prices and robbing your and your children blind. The Federal Reserve was specifically created in order to “scientifically” manipulate this Monopoly money supply and ultimately turn the American people into debt slaves.

In Bankster Bizarro World, any commission supposedly designed to address the debt will naturally be stacked with functionaries and hirelings of the very criminal organizations that have foisted the scam on the blinkered public.

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