This isn’t the first time Obama has ignored Congress and violated the Constitution

Kurt Nimmo
August 27, 2013

Corporate media talking head and Chief White House Correspondent for NBC News, Chuck Todd, offered an explanation as to why the Obama administration is shirking Congress and violating the Constitution as his administration prepares to bomb Syria.

Getting approval to pull off an attack would be nigh impossible, Todd said, because of “isolationists” in both houses of Congress.

“Isolationist,” naturally, is a word used to describe folks who oppose baseless and illegal military interventions, folks who are, sadly, a minority in government.

This isn’t, of course, the first time Obama has ignored Congress and violated the Constitution. He also did so when he bombed Libya, where 30,000 people lost their lives during Operation Odyssey Dawn, and he continues to do it in Pakistan and Yemen with his drone program.

MSNBC host Ari Melber made sure to draw attention to these previous and ongoing constitutional violations, just so we’re up to speed on the fact wars are no longer declared by Congress because… well, because the vast majority of Americans oppose endless war and this antiwar sentiment is counterproductive to the plans of the global elite and warmongers addicted to recurrent slaughter and its profitability.

Todd also mentioned that Democrats (and, earlier, Republicans under Bush) have consistently exploited the “authorization” issued after the attacks of September 1, 2001, to attack new targets, apparently ad infinitum and at the discretion of the president.

As a reminder, let us consider Article One, Section Eight of the Constitution. It states: “Congress shall have power to… declare War,” not the president. As an example of how far we’ve wandered from the original intent of the framers, Doe v. Bush decided that congressional authorization suffices for declaration.

The last constitutionally valid declaration of war occurred in December 8, 1941, when Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a declaration of war against Japan following the attack on Pearl Harbor.

All wars since have been unconstitutional.

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