Former head of the Border control under President Obama, Mark Morgan, has warned that the migrant crisis on the Southern border is the worst it has ever been and has to be addressed to avoid dire consequences.

“This isn’t just a crisis, this is a crisis like we’ve never experienced in the history of this country since we started tracking numbers,” said Morgan during a Fox Business interview Monday.

“There’s still this very false talking point out there that — ‘well, back in the ’90s, the numbers were higher — over a million.’ Morgan, also a long time FBI official, noted.

“Well, first of all, again, you got to remember they were Mexican adults, we were moving, deporting 90 percent of them.” he continued.

“With the broken asylum laws and other loopholes that are there, we’re seeing 65 to 70 percent increase in family units, and because of those broken laws, we’re allowing them in.” Morgan added.

“This year, we’re expected to hit a million, but we’re going to let 650,000 into the country. That’s driving this crisis, driving our resources, being overwhelmed. We have to address it.” the former Border Patrol chief urged.

Morgan has previously expressed his support for a border wall, saying that “The president is right. The wall works.”

While senior Democrats and candidates for the Democratic nomination continue to suggest that there is no crisis on the border, Morgan isn’t the only former Obama official sounding the alarm on the situation.

Obama’s former head of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson has also repeatedly warned that the situation is “a crisis by any measure.”

“This is, in my view, having owned this problem for three years, first, I know what a thousand a day looks like. I saw it myself at border patrol holding stations,” Johnson said last week.

“I cannot begin to imagine what 4,000 a day looks like. It must overwhelm the system.” he added.

“I think we have to get away from Democrat vs. Republican, crisis vs. no crisis.” Johnson continued.

“This is a crisis by any measure, and the solution inevitably is bipartisan. It has to be bipartisan. It requires a change in law,” Johnson urged.

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