Jack Bilsborough
August 25, 2009

Editor’s note: The Telegraph links the comic book to the Obama Joker poster, although Alex Jones and the poster contest is not mentioned by name. It remains to be seen if the artists and publisher will be denounced as racists.

Political opponents have portrayed the US president in a new comic series named as a play on words with the popular horror franchise Resident Evil.

The new progression of comic books see a “heavily-armed Barack” fight with and alongside fellow politicians such as former Republican Vice President Candidate Sarah Palin, Republican President Nominee John McCain and Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State.

In the comic Mr Obama crash-lands Air Force One in Washington to find the city has been taken-over by zombies, all infected by a virus originating from swine flu.

He finds himself being saved by political rival Mrs Palin, renamed ‘Paladin’, as well as former presidential opponent Mr McCain, nicknamed ‘McPain’.

The trio are led by Paladin towards the White House where they meet a, somewhat crazed Hillary Clinton chewing on Zombie flesh.

The zombie hunters also encounter other politicians such as former President George W Bush, who is pictured eating his own brain.

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