Not only is the Obama White House offended by Donald Trump’s political stance, it also doesn’t like his hair.

“The Trump campaign for months now has had a dustbin-of-history-like quality to it, from the vacuous sloganeering to the outright lies to even the fake hair. The whole carnival-barker routine that we’ve seen for some time now,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said on Tuesday.

Earnest also said it is disgraceful other Republican candidates have pledged to support the party’s presidential nominee.

“I know that each of the Republican candidates has already taken an oath pledging to support Donald Trump for president of the United States if he wins the nomination,” Earnest continued. “But the fact is, the first thing a president does when he or she takes the oath of office is to swear an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. And the fact is, what Donald Trump said yesterday disqualifies him from serving as president.”

Obama should talk. He is a serial lawbreaker and has violated his oath of office numerous times:

  • He has used the IRS to go after his political enemies
  • Is working to undermine and nullify the Second Amendment
  • Trampled in the First Amendment by ordering a criminal investigation of Fox News
  • Has refused to enforce immigration laws
  • Forced the disastrous Obamacare law on Americans
  • Gave firearms to criminal cartels in Mexico via Fast & Furious
  • Ignored the Circuit Court of Appeals for Washington, D.C. when it said Obama does not have the authority to regulate the internet
  • Obama’s DOJ ignored section 8 of the Voting Rights Act which calls for protections against voter fraud
  • Seven unconstitutional executive actions
  • Violated the Tenth Amendment when administration sued Arizona for attempting to prevent illegal border crossings
  • Made recess appointments despite the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling they are unconstitutional
  • Lies, especially the assassination of Osama bin Laden which was used for political gain
  • The unconstitutional and secret program to assassinate Americans without due process
  • Violation of the War Powers Act (and more specially Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 of the Constitution) when he invaded Libya

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