Seton Motley
September 4, 2012

Everything the government does to regulate the Internet is illegal.  The last time Congress addressed Tech policy they intentionally left the ‘Net completely alone.  They authorized no one to regulate the Web in any way. So of course the Obama Administration has been in full-on regulatory Internet assault mode.  And they are successfully killing it.

Tech Layoffs Hit 3-Year High in First Half of 2012

And this last week was yet another terrible one.

After $1 trillion in private investment, and in less than ten years, 95% of Americans have broadband Internet access.  This is an extraordinary – nigh unprecedented – private sector success.

Yet somehow, for the third year in a row, the Obama Administration has asserted that U.S. broadband deployment is not happening in “a reasonable or timely fashion.”

So they propose a dramatically increased government role.  The same government that in 1934 charged itself with making universal telephone connectivity happen (which is MUCH cheaper than Internet access).  And started taxing us to do it.  Seventy-eight years later, the government’s best year was 93% delivery.

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