April 8, 2009

[efoods]In review of President Obama’s visit with the Queen of England & Duke of Edinborough, as well as with other VIPs, dignitaries and other royalty, we see that the puppet-president readily bows & prostrates before the Saudi King, and submits to Prince Phillip — who once stated that he wishes to be reincarnated as a deadly virus to reduce human population.

Phillip cracks a joke at Obama’s expense, questioning whether or not he can ‘tell the difference’ between world leaders from Russia, China and Great Britain. Obama takes it in stride, surely terrified of making some protocol faux paus himself in front of members of the real power structure. Russia Today notes that Phillip has a history of racist jokes, including one about ‘slitty eyed’ Chinese.

Notably, CNN subtitles the entire conversation between the Obamas and the royal family, but chooses not to subtitle Prince Phillip’s insult.

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