After state governors of Indiana, Texas and Wisconsin speculated taking legal action against President Obama’s immigration executive order, a pro-impeachment Republican is now claiming that “12 or 14” of his congressional colleagues believe it would be possible to impeach the president over his decision to unilaterally grant temporary relief to millions of undocumented immigrants, Newsmax reported.

“I have been saying down in my district – whenever you reward someone that’s committed a crime, then you as that individual if there’s an impeachment, which was authorized by those who developed the Constitution – then that’s what you should consider,” Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.) said on Tuesday, in comments first reported by BuzzFeed News.

Since the subject of impeachment isn’t very appealing, “nobody wants to talk even about it,” Jones lamented. But it might be the only possible way to halt the action to defer millions of deportations.

“Why in the world are we going to spend millions and millions of the taxpayers’ dollars, going to the federal courts to challenge President Obama on this decision, and have it thrown out of court?”

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