Ethan Allen
Rogue Government
May 14, 2008

A disturbing pathology has emerged from the Obama campaign in the last few months, and only seems to be gaining strength among his followers, and that is a sincere belief that only Obama can save us from our current problems. Blind faith in leaders is nothing new, and has been a social phenomenon in politics and religion for thousands of years. However, in current times when people are more cynical about their leaders, you’d think this ‘kneel and pray to the glorious leader’ stuff would be left in the history books. But it would seem that Obama’s supporters are so enraptured by his charisma that they’ll drop to their knees and cry, or even pass out at his mere presence. actually catalogues images and articles pertaining to this fad, and some of the pictures and rhetoric being pitched around, both by the media and by some of Obama’s supporters, is truly disturbing. The lemmings mentality of some of Obama’s hardcore supporters is easy to scoff at, but the diehard cultish aspect of it should frighten every freedom loving American who values individual rights and the power to remain free of group think.

In another spin piece, Obama’s raging popularity has been equated to the ‘Ron Paul phenomenon’, as if Ron Paul’s campaign was based soley on the cult of personality of a soft spoken 72 year old Congressman from Texas. If Ron Paul supporters had been looking for a loud, over confident leader with a rock star image to save them, they certainly picked the wrong guy. But the media is determined to quantify and properly analyze Obama’s success, as if they believe they can ride the coat tails of a public relations vehicle they themselves concocted.

There’s also the ‘Yes, We Can’ PR campaign, with its own catchphrases and accompanying music video. The platform of his campaign seems to impress us with the need to change things and find solutions to our problems, but is uncomfortably sterile when it comes to addressing either the problems or the solutions. Everything is done in broad strokes and with ‘big ideas’ instead of common sense and detailed problem solving. Is this the kind of canvas Jesus would paint on?

But it gets even weirder with the Obama waffle fiasco. While campaigning in Pennsylvania, Obama stopped to eat at a diner where a waitress snatched up the remains of Obama’s breakfast and gave it to a ‘loyal fan’, who promptly put up an auction on Ebay to sell the half-eaten breakfast. The starting price for Obama’s breakfast was set at $10,000. Thankfully, sanity prevailed and the asking price was too high, and ended up selling for $.99 to the winning bidder. ‘Obama is president’ style web domains are currently going for hundreds of thousands of dollars on Ebay.

Google searches for ‘Obama savior’ or ‘Obama messiah’ will bring up a plethora of sites, both tongue in cheek and many which are legitimately praising Obama as the only candidate who can save us all. However, a little pressing and determined questions for logical solutions to the war in Iraq, the deficit, or even basic tax and spend policies will reveal the emptiness of Obama’s rhetoric. But like most messiah figures, the power of their words and imagery are usually far more potent than the realization of their ideas.

Barack Obama might be related to Dick Cheney or Brad Pitt, but blood descendent of Jesus Christ he is not. But I guess it’s only a matter of time before the media finds a way to use some ILM magic tricks to show us Obama walking on water.

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