Kurt Nimmo
January 26, 2011

During his State of the Union Address, while stating the government needs to steal more money from citizens to build a high-speed rail system, Obama mentioned TSA grope-downs. “For some trips,” Obama recited from his teleprompter screen, “it will be faster than flying… without the pat down.”

Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi thought this comment was funny. For most traveling Americans, however, the humiliation of TSA goons grabbing their junk is anything but funny – it is akin to sexual molestation.

Obama and the political class, of course, are not required to surrender their dignity to the TSA and that is why they make jokes about what the rest of us must endure if we want to travel by air.

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“Only Congressional leaders or members of Congress with armed security details are allowed to go around security. The same privilege is afforded to governors and cabinet members if they are escorted by agents or law enforcement officers,” the New York Times reported in November.

Michael Steel, a spokesman for incoming Speaker of the House John Boehner, said security procedures for members of Congress are determined by Capitol Hill Police and the TSA.

Also in November, Secretary of State Clinton told Bob Schieffer of CBS intrusive procedures will continue. She said terrorists are becoming more creative and cited as an example the so-called underwear bomber, the mental deficient patsy Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab who is linked to intelligence agencies and supposed al-Qaeda mastermind and Pentagon dinner guest Anwar al-Awlaki.

For Obama and Congress, the fact that airports are now police state zones where citizens are stripped of their constitutional rights and are subjected to sexual humiliation is a joke. Joe Biden can laugh it up because he will never face the prospect of a TSA goon grabbing his private parts. Nancy Pelosi will never have her breasts exposed at the departure gate by the TSA like a woman from Texas did in 2008.

It is another example of the contempt our rulers have for us. That Obama would make a joke out of the sexual molestation of children and senior citizens in wheelchairs is evidence enough that the establishment political class is not concerned about our welfare. It is also additional evidence the government will continue to use the pretext of manufactured terrorism to deprive us of all our rights.

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Finally, Obama’s claim that trains will be free of TSA goons in blue latex gloves appears to be at odds with reality. In July of 2010, John Pistole, former FBI deputy director and current TSA administrator, said his agency plans to expand into rail in the future. Members of Congress, including House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson, a Mississippi Democrat, have pressed the TSA to put more money into mass-transit security.


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