Kurt Nimmo
May 28, 2011

Appearing at the globalist confab in the French resort of Deauville, Obama said on Friday the U.S. and NATO will not rest until they “finish the job’ in Libya.

Obama’s ping pong partner, British PM David Cameron, said it is time to “ratchet up” pressure on Gaddafi. In other words, Cameron called for more NATO bombing and more death in order to convince Gaddafi to leave the country as the globalists demand.

“Gaddafi and the Libyan government have failed to fulfill their responsibility to protect the Libyan population and have lost all legitimacy,” declared French president Nicolas Sarkozy in a statement. “He has no future in a free, democratic Libya. He must go.”

In March, British Defense Secretary Liam Fox admitted NATO plans to assassinate Gaddafi. Unable to do so, the coalition settled for slaughtering members of his family in Mafia vendetta fashion. On May 1, it was reported that a “precision air strike” had killed Gaddafi’s youngest son, Saif Al-Arab, and three of his grandsons.

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Former African presidents, including South Africa’s Thabo Mbeki and Nigeria’s Olusegun Obasanjo, have expressed “grave concern” that NATO’s campaign to change the government in Libya with violence continues. The African Union shares the belief that what is taking place now goes beyond the scope of [UN resolutions] 1970 and 1973,” said Ramtane Lamamra, the AU’s Peace and Security Commissioner.

Obama’s announcement that the aggression against Libya will be opened-ended is at odds with earlier statements. On March 21, he said the military operations against Libya would be “limited in their nature, duration, and scope” and in the service of a “limited and well-defined mission.” A few days later, on March 28, Obama said “the United States will play a supporting role” in the effort to violently changed Libya’s government.

NATO’s war in Africa and the lead role assumed by the United States has now exceeded the time limit supposedly imposed by the War Powers Resolution. On May 20, Obama was required by this law – itself a violation of the Constitution (only Congress can declare war) – to ask for congressional authorization to continue the slaughter in Libya, but he ignored it.

In fact, Obama stonewalled Congress on the extension and “canceled without explanation” a committee briefing on Libya by the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and declined the committee’s request that a Defense Department official testify at another hearing.

U.S. operations “have assumed a different character than you suggested when you announced the decision to initiate them,” an irate Sen. Richard Lugar said in a letter to Obama.

Former Congress woman Cynthia McKinney talks with Alex Jones about the situation in Libya.

Once again, an arrogant American president has misled the nation and thumbed his nose at Congress and the American people as he follows the orders of the globalists who are inclined to take out disfavored opponents in Mafia fashion.

Gaddafi’s behavior toward the people of the country – a substantial number who in fact support him – and the vow to remove him have nothing to do with humanitarianism or democracy United Nations style. It has to do with getting rid of Gaddafi the same way the globalists got rid of Saddam Hussein. Gaddafi has not bowed and scraped to the IMF and the World Banksters, so he has to go. Gaddafi’s pledge to create an African investment bank, an African monetary fund and an African central bank was the last straw for the money masters as they forge ahead with a plan to fold Africa into the one-world agenda.

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Minus a small contingent in Congress, led by Rep. Dennis Kucinich, most Democrats and Republicans support Obama’s illegal and immoral war against the people of Libya. Below the surface, however, discontent over Obama’s Libya campaign for the globalists is brewing.

“In electing Obama, his supporters thought that there would be an end to the wars in the Middle East. But Americans are still mopping up in Iraq and still engaged in combat with the Taliban in Afghanistan. And now Obama has launched a third Middle Eastern war, this time against Gaddafi,” op-ed writer Mark Whittington pointed out on March 21.

Unfortunately, many of Obama’s supporters are out of touch with reality. Obama, like most politicians, will say whatever is required in order to get the vote. Obama, as a creature of the Democrat party establishment and its masters on Wall Street and the globalists at the United Nations, never seriously intended to end the illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He has received orders to enlarge them.

For the globalists, war is forever and Obama has expanded mass murder in Pakistan and Libya. In 2012, Democrats will be forced to pull the lever for Obama again or leave the party and either vote independent or not at all.

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