U.S. President Barack Obama is pressuring Canada and the other members of the Trans-Pacific Partnership to approve the trade deal as quickly as possible.

The 12 leaders of TPP nations met Wednesday for the first time since they announced the deal in October and released the text on Nov. 5. The closed-door meeting was also the first opportunity for Canada’s new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to meet with TPP leaders to discuss the deal negotiated under the Conservatives.

“Today, we’re going to discuss the road ahead to ensure that TPP is enacted in each of our countries as swiftly as possible,” said Mr. Obama, according to remarks released by the White House.

Mr. Trudeau’s government is taking an officially neutral position on the deal in Manila, arguing that it needs time to allow for the consultations they promised during the recent election. However the government has also dropped hints that it will ultimately sign on to the deal.

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