Jonathan Easley
The Hill
December 1, 2013

President Obama said Friday he’s confident that the troubled healthcare rollout won’t be the final word on how his signature legislative achievement is remembered.

“I continue to believe and [I’m] absolutely convinced that at the end of the day, people are going to look back at the work we’ve done to make sure that in this country, you don’t go bankrupt when you get sick, that families have that security,” the president said in an interview on ABC’s 20/20. “That is going to be a legacy I am extraordinarily proud of.”

The HealthCare.Gov website went live on Oct. 1, but has been plagued by a myriad of technical issues.

The administration has scrambled to assemble a “tech surge” with the goal of having the website functioning at 80 percent of its total capacity on Nov. 30, but the avalanche of bad news has provoked Congressional hearings and dragged Obama’s approval rating to new lows.

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