Kurt Nimmo
September 14, 2009

end the fed
A crowd outside Federal Hall where Obama gave his banker takeover speech.

Obama delivered one of his famous teleprompter speeches today at Federal Hall in New York on the one-year anniversary of the Lehman Brothers scam. It was a cynical move, considering Obama spoke from the building where the country’s founders once argued over how much the government should control the national economy. Federal Hall also served as the first capitol of the United States of America.

“President Obama came to Wall Street to chastise executives and to urge Congress to pass tougher regulation of the bankers and brokers whom he blamed for the crisis in the financial markets a year ago,” reports the Christian Science Monitor. Obama said the United States needs “strong rules of the road to guard against the kind of systemic risks we have seen.”

It was a wink and a nod speech, considering the sort of people Obama supposedly lectured now run his administration. Geithner, Summers, Clinton, Mitchell, Holbrooke, Volcker, Rice, James, Haass — on and on, ad infinitum, these are Federal Reserve, CFR, Trilateral Commission, and Bilderberg members, bureaucratic minions of the private and international bankster cartel.

In fact, as Judge Napolitano notes in the video below, if the proposals Obama soft sold to the American people today are implemented, it will amount to a final coup d’état by the banksters and their technocrats and enforcers at the Federal Reserve, the unconstitutional and privately held bankster Mafia operation that masquerades as a government agency. It will install a dictatorial regulatory power by the international bankers over entire U.S. economy — right down to the local grocer and the hot dog vendor on the corner. It will require you to ask permission for the most mundane and routine of financial transactions. It will control your life down to the smallest detail.

“President Obama’s plan to give the privately-owned and unaccountable Federal Reserve complete regulatory oversight across the entire U.S. economy, which is likely to be enacted before the end of the year, will officially herald the beginning of a new form of government in the United States – an ultra-powerful banking dictatorship controlled by a small gaggle of shadowy and corrupt elitists,” Paul Joseph and Steve Watson wrote for Prison Planet on June 18 of this year.

As the Watson brothers and Judge Napolitano note, the new rules will give the Fed the unchallenged authority to “regulate” any company activity it believes may threaten the economy and the markets — that is to say, all who would threaten the monopoly men with independent an unregulated financial activity. Even the Los Angeles Times admitted the Obama Federal Reserve takeover bill would effectively grant the clout required to seize and take over any company.

[efoods]Professor of public affairs at the University of Texas at Austin Robert Auerbach pointed out the obvious earlier this year: “The Federal Reserve has massive conflicts of interest that make it ill suited for its present regulatory functions and certainly for an expanded regulatory reach. The officials leading the Fed today preside over an organization that is run in substantial part by the bankers they regulate. Bank regulation begins at its 12 district Federal Reserve Banks, each governed by a nine-member board of directors, two-thirds of whom are elected by the bankers in the district.”

“The government is ready to hand over everything to a monolithic private corporation and a gaggle of bastard banker offspring, that have gobbled up an amount close to the entire GDP of the country in taxpayers’ money and figuratively stuck the middle finger up regarding questions over where that money has gone,” the Watsons conclude. “It can be no more apparent than at this time that legislation to audit, repeal and eventually end the Federal Reserve, must be supported by Americans if they want to see their children and their grandchildren grow up without indentured debt and entrenched servitude to a fascistic marriage of private banks and hugely inflated government.”

It remains to be seen if Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed legislation will be enacted. It has powerful foes arrayed against it – and a growing number of people steadfastly behind it. Enemies of the audit will attempt to push Obama’s plan through Congress and establish a complete private banker dictatorship over the economy and sideline the legislation.

Obama’s appearance at Federal Hall — the site of George Washington’s inauguration and where nine of the 13 colonies met to draft a message to King George III, the House of Lords, and the House of Commons, claiming entitlement to the same rights as the residents of Britain and protesting the colonies’ “taxation without representation” — is particularly obscene and criminal.

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