So much for patient-doctor confidentiality.

The Obama administration has authorized a rule allowing doctors to turn in patients they deem mentally ill so the government can strip them of their Second Amendment right.

The rule was first proposed in January 2013 following the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, but was not published until today.

According to Paul Gionfriddo, chief executive of the mental health rights advocate Mental Health America, the rule “strikes the right balance” between the need to have this information shared with the FBI’s background check system and protecting individuals’ privacy, Politico reports.

“That could be a barn door opened quite wide if an administration really wanted to open it, and they didn’t,” Gionfriddo said. “The administration has taken great pain to try to clarify that there is very limited information that would be reported only within a very limited group.”

The “common sense” rule takes effect next month.

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