The Obama administration will send a full-blown delegation to the funeral of Freddie Gray, the black man who suffered a spinal cord injury and died while in police custody in Baltimore.

Obama’s White House Cabinet Secretary, Broderick Johnson, will represent the federal government at the funeral. Johnson is the chair of My Brother’s Keeper Task Force, an initiative said to be aimed at addressing the problems faced by young minority men.

The task force is public-private partnership funded by banks and transnational corporations, including Citi Foundation (i.e., Citibank), AT&T and Discovery Communications.

Johnson will be joined by Obama’s Public Engagement Adviser, Heather Foster, of the White House Office of Public Engagement.

Thousands are expected to attend the funeral this morning in Baltimore.

The funeral follows violence on Saturday as thousands of people marched through downtown Baltimore to protest the death of Gray and police brutality.

Around one hundred protesters engaged in violence against people gathered at restaurants and also looted stores, which resulted in a police crackdown and more than thirty arrests.

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