July 11, 2011

Alex outlines how Obama is establishing a dictatorship in the White House. Recently, It has been reported by the Huffington post that Obama plans to ‘Unveil Gun Control Reforms’ by using executive actions once again dodging the U.S. House of representatives and the Constitution. This is just one the most recent event in a series of moves by Obama to cause the executive branch to shift into an unquestionable ruling dictatorship. Another White House proposal covered in this video is a plan to enact a 143 year old civil war clause to help solve some of the current U.S. debt issues.

It is important to note that Obama himself is not about to become the US dictator. These dictatorial powers are being re-routed to the office of the president itself by an unelected group of the global elite who are ultimately interested in establishing a One World Government ruled by themselves. It doesn’t matter which puppets are switched in and out of the office of the president, as long as it goes unchecked, the New World Order will continue to advance their imperialistic scientific genocide agenda in our name.


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