Patrick Henningsen
March 16, 2012

Faced with new economic realities, it seems that Washington is not adjusting all that well to its new place in the global economic pecking order.

While the last four US administrations’ adherence to globalization helped to shepherd almost all US manufacturing overseas, only retail consumerism, service, media and software industries remain to prop-up a flagging American economy. In this new modern consumer-based economy, nearly all new hi-tech consumer electronics and hybrid tranport vehicles are dependent on essential rare earth raw materials – and consider this:

Manufactoring powerhouse China sits on around 97% of the world’s supply of rare earths.

As the world’s former preeminent economic superpower, the US, backed by powerful banking interests and its global trade organizations,  is used to having its own way when it comes to dictating the global trade agenda and carving out industrial monopolies. America’s precariously dependent relationship on Chinese resources and goods is forcing Washington to call on its globalist pit bull, the World Trade Organization (WTO). President Obama has filed a WTO case against China, along with Europe and Japan. The US has accused China of seeking a competitive advantage for its own manufacturing base by tightening the supply of available rare earths. China insists that it has done this to limit mining which has damaged the surrounding ecosystem. 

It turns out that the US Defense Department’s military industrial complex is extremely dependent on a number of key rare earths used in the production of guided missile systems and cellular communications (europium and neodymium), as well as nuclear batteries and aerospace components (promethium and scandium).

What exactly are ‘rare earths’ ?

“Rare earth” metals can be found in everyday devices like cell phones, solar cells, tablet computers, TVs, hybrid cars and wind turbines. Lithium alone, is one of the planet’s most sought after materials as we move foward into our brave new world powered by batteries.

These are known as “rare earths” because the 17 elements rarely exist in pure form, but do exist in mixtures of other minerals underground, leaving a trail of radioactive and acidic byproducts in the wake of the process. This leaves a very costly- and very toxic footprint through the extraction process – to fall outs that China is prepared to shoulder. For this very reason, the US has not exploited large deposits of its own rare earths.  

Other deposits have been located in Russia, Brazil, Australia and South Asia – drawing widespread interest from mining corps, but the US doesn’t want to be the world’s new shop for rare earths, opting instead for the popular globalization model that puts the environmental burden on China. Still, Obama hopes that the WTO triad of technocrats, government negotiators, bankers and big business will be able to trap the Chinese into letting the west manipulate the rare earth global supply and demand with a litany of false promises and lies.

Volumes of available evidence points to the fact that the WTO (just google ‘WTO crimes’) is running a global scam that exacerbates the most serious social and environmental crises humanity faces today, where conscious decisions are made by powerful people who count profit over human life, knowing full well that people will die in their tens of thousands as a result.

Many believe that the WTO is responsible for pushing billions of people in the developing world into food poverty, and through its skewed policies, also killing real competion from smaller countries and markets – all these are common crimes which unfortunately have become institutionalized. Based on its behavior, the WTO always weighs in favor of the competitive interests of the world’s most established western-owned corporations. Washington’s willingness to defer to, and use a supranational global governance organization like the WTO, signals its passive endorsement of global government by unelected fiat.

On its face, the WTO is merely an international fascist advocate for the world’s largest transnational corporations, a fact that is obvious by the corporate representation amongst those who lobby and steer the WTO’s policies.

The neocolonial agenda in the 21st century means that control of rare earths will determine one’s place in the New World Order’s global corporate pecking order – and the US is not comfortable with being relegated to the bottom of this dependency chain.

Obama can cry to the WTO on behalf of his corporate lobbyists. But regarding this latest NWO skirmish for access to cheap resources, China still remains firmly in the driving seat.

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