In his next to last State of the Union Speech delivered Tuesday night, President Obama delivered messages on climate change, Cuba and the economy, but largely avoided talking about guns.

This lack of emphasis on a key Democratic Party issue is perhaps telling of a lame-duck chief executive facing the largest GOP majority Congress since the Truman-era. In past years the President has made gun control and the call for expanded background checks a key topic of the address, reaching its high water mark in the 2013 speech to Congress with an emotionally-charged plea following the Sandy Hook shootings of just two months prior that brought quick rebuttal from the National Rifle Association.

In the official 6,860-word transcript of the lasted State of the Union address posted on the White House website, the words “gun,” “firearm,” and “violence” typically found in these annual speeches do not appear. Neither does “assault weapon,” “background check,” or “shooting.”

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