Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Obamanoids (yes they’re still out there) are eagerly circulating the following You Tube clip of the President silencing a crying baby by holding it in his arms. It’s just a shame that Obama has also proven adept at silencing babies in north Africa, by murdering them as part of his unconstitutional onslaught against Libya.

“So glad I voted for him. Finally a president of which I can be proud,” wrote one commenter in response to the clip.

“Suck on that gop douche bags. He is also the comforter-in-chief. 4 more years and we’ll turn things around so you c**ts can ruin everything in 2016,” added another.

“Sooooooo adorable!! This was wonderful and that’s my President,” remarked another.

I wonder what those same individuals would make of the following clip, graphic and disturbing, which brings home the repulsive hypocrisy of the “humanitarian” hoax behind the bombardment of Libya that Obama ignored his own constitutional lawyers to oversee without congressional approval, a campaign we were told would last “days, not weeks” that is now approaching its third month, and an intervention that was launched to “protect Libyan civilians”.

After months of reporting that every claim of civilian casualties was a Gaddafi propaganda stunt, the establishment media was forced to concede that dropping bombs on apartment blocks isn’t a very proficient way of liberating people, unless you’re seeking to liberate their limbs from their body.

NATO had to admit that a “rogue missile” destroyed a family home, killing nine civilians including two children, but not to be discouraged they followed it up 24 hours later with another bombardment that killed 15 people including three more dead kids, having bombed Tripoli’s Nasser University the week before.

Recall that the May 1st slaughter of Gaddafi’s three grandchildren was also met with a collective shrug of the shoulders from the establishment press, even as Obama deceitfully claimed that the mission had nothing to do with targeting Gaddafi himself directly.

Watching this video stirs harrowing feelings of senselessness, but taken from a wider perspective, the act of killing toddlers could actually benefit the NATO powers in the long run.

With efforts to label the bombardment of Libya as a “no fly zone” and then a “kinetic military action,” anything basically to avoid what it really represents, a war absent congressional approval or any kind of moral legitimacy, Obama and NATO are desperately scrambling for any justification on which to base the inevitable ground invasion set to be launched in early October.

If images of dead babies stir terrorists loyal to Gaddafi into action, expect western powers and the corporate media to rapaciously welcome any reprisal attacks that can be exploited to sell the necessity of the campaign.

Meanwhile, Obama and NATO will continue to work with their own Al-Qaeda terrorists to achieve regime change at any cost – so expect many more babies to be “silenced” as part of the Nobel Peace Laureate’s quest to “protect Libyan civilians” and “stop violence”.

In reality, this war has nothing to do with humanitarian protection and everything to do with violent and bloody conquest. As Louis Farrakhan spelled out during a recent speech, we have yet another “murderer in the White House.”


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show.

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