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March 14, 2011

Hey liberals, wake up and defend your principles. Your boy Obama is just as bad, if not worse, than baby Bush.  Demand justice and repeal of Obama’s bullshit Nobel Peace Price. Bradley Manning before Obama on the left, and after Obama on right.

Please read this key article detailing his treatment

Why is the United States torturing Private Manning?

Ron Smith
Baltimore Sun
March 14, 2011

Ten months after his arrest on charges of leaking classified documents to WikiLeaks, Army Pfc. Bradley Manning is systematically being stripped of his humanness by his warders at the brig inside the Marine base at Quantico, Va.

Not yet tried for — much less convicted of — crimes against the state, Private Manning is forced to endure punishment that certainly fits the definition of torture. He is being held in solitary confinement in a tiny cell 23 hours a day, allowed no exercise other than walking around dragging his ankle shackles during the 24th hour.

Every five minutes during waking hours, he must answer the question, “Are you OK?” If his hands aren’t outside his blanket while sleeping, or if his head is turned toward the wall, the young soldier is awakened.

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