President Obama will privately meet with Bernie Sanders at the White House, an unprecedented move which signals Obama is likely breaking ties with Hillary Clinton.

Obama’s invitation to the underdog presidential candidate, who until recently struggled to break free of Hillary’s dominance, comes as sources reveal the FBI is ready to indict Clinton and are even willing to blow the whistle and go public with their findings if the Attorney General doesn’t press charges against the Democratic frontrunner.

Although officials claim Obama is likely to “remain formally neutral in the Democratic presidential contest,” the president also gave an unusual invitation to an unknown Justice Dept. attorney in 2009 who was later promoted to lead the criminal probe into the IRS’s targeting of Tea Party groups.

In other words, the administration has a history of “informal” White House meetings with those Obama picks to push his agenda, which may now include shoving Clinton out the air lock and into the vacuum of space.

The former Secretary of State was reportedly convinced Obama’s staff allowed the federal probe of her private email account to happen.

“What I want for you to do is call off your f–king dogs, Barack!” Clinton allegedly told the president during a private meeting, according to establishment insider Ed Klein.

Klein said Obama responded to Clinton’s tirade by stating: “There is nothing I can do for you one way or another. Things have been set in motion, and I can’t and won’t interfere. Your problems are, frankly, of your own making. If you had been honest…”

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