Kim Chipman
December 11, 2009

[efoods]President Barack Obama had not even accepted his Nobel Prize in Oslo yesterday before environmental advocates began calling on him to earn it when he attends climate talks in Copenhagen next week.

“Obama, in part, has been awarded the Nobel Prize with the expectation that he will deliver the kind of leadership necessary to get a climate treaty,” Greenpeace USA’s Damon Moglen said on Dec. 9, a day before Obama won the same prestigious award given to Al Gore two years ago for his work on climate change. “He won it, and now is the time to earn it.”

The U.S. president, during his speech yesterday in Norway, warned about the dangers of climate change and called on countries to work together to confront the problem. Obama will attend the treaty negotiations in Copenhagen on Dec. 18, the last day of the meetings that started this week. He initially planned to make an appearance nine days earlier on Dec. 9.

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