After having drastically accelerated the militarization of local police forces by the federal government, Obama is now having second thoughts about it — or so the administration and the establishment press would have you believe based on widely reported “de-militarization” edicts issued last week. But while the decrees were framed by virtually all of the establishment media as reining in federal programs that provide military gear to law enforcement, the real agenda, as usual, is about empowering Washington, D.C. — in this case, to exert even more control over local police departments across America. Indeed, much of the military gear can still be obtained from the feds, as long as officers are first subjected to more federal “training” programs and police departments submit to new “national policing standards” across the board. The new rules fit well with the broader agenda of nationalizing law enforcement and other key sectors.

The latest round of police-related demands from the White House was unveiled as a supposed response to militarized police in Ferguson, Missouri. After local law enforcement there was blasted by Obama and others last year for its military-style show of force in handling rioters and demonstrators bankrolled by billionaire Obama ally George Soros, the administration pledged to act. Race-mongers and leftists seized the opportunity to promote more “fundamental transformation” of America. Baltimore poured fuel on the fire. And so, according to media reports, Obama’s latest executive actions involved giving his approval for the recommendations laid out by the “President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing,” a multi-agency body that he created by decree to examine law enforcement issues. The outfit recommended national “standards” for police, and much more.

The new set of rules on military gear endorsed by Obama reportedly includes rolling back, if only slightly, a 25-year-old federal program established under Section 1033 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) used to militarize local police with “surplus” war-fighting tools. In recent years, the administration has used that authority to expand police militarization to unprecedented levels, even while attacking gun rights and claiming “weapons of war” do not belong in the hands of civilians. Despite his own role in militarizing police across America, Obama and his administration have been lambasting law enforcement at the same time — and it all fits perfectly with the agenda to exploit incidents such as riots and alleged police abuses to expand federal control over police and everything else.

Now, Obama has apparently had a change of heart when it comes to militarization, at least if the establishment press is to be believed. Among other measures in Obama’s recently unveiled decrees is reining in federal distribution of certain types of military equipment to local police forces: vehicles that use tank-style tracks instead of wheels, bayonets, weaponized aerial vehicles, certain high-caliber guns, grenade launchers, camouflage uniforms, and more. Of course, as The New American has been reporting for years, even though the federal government has no business militarizing or meddling in local law enforcement to begin with, the feds, and especially the Obama administration, have played a crucial role in transforming and arming America’s police departments.

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