Lauren Fox
April 27, 2012

Former President Bill Clinton backs up President Barack Obama in a new web campaign video that both condemns GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney and celebrates the president’s foreign policy savvy as America approaches the one-year anniversary of Osama bin Laden’s death.Read full article

Alex exposed the bin Laden killing as a total and complete hoax even 8 years before the announcement was ever made. Steve Pieczenik, former top deputy to Henry Kissinger and also high level CFR member, in an interview in April 2002 basically stated that Osama was already dead and that his death would in the future be used at a politically expedient time to bolster government in the eyes of the people.

As Alex and Aaron Dykes wrote in this article: “Bin Laden was a strawman-villain concocted by the Western intelligence apparatus to take the blame for the orchestrated terror that is scripted and carried out by the globalist-allied factions. The Phantom Osama bin Laden was a skeleton key opening the door to foreign intervention in the middle east or anywhere al Qaeda might be. The motive is simple– ever-expanding wars for the military industrial complex, and the often more lucrative periods of reconstruction (i.e. you break it, you buy it). The occupation continues here at home with the creation of a police state supposedly meant to combat terrorism.”

In this video Alex chronicles the lies leading up to the announcement of Osama’s death.

Yesterday a federal judge refused to order the Obama administration to release pictures of bin Laden’s death.

This promotional video is the administration’s latest attempt to exploit bin Laden’s alleged murder for votes.

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