J.T. Coyoté
August 31, 2010

In an unprecedented act of unconstitutional abridgment and over-reaching presidential power, Barack Obama is poised to call the United Nations Human Rights Council vultures down on the state of Arizona.

He is apparently not satisfied with his last 11th Amendment faux pas; the commanding of Attorney General Eric Holder to unconstitutionally sue Arizona for enacting a state law to correct federal inaction on Arizona’s Constitutional request for assistance. Now, as if that wasn’t enough 11th Amendment stumbling, he is bringing the UN into it.

In his report to the United Nations Human Rights Council on human rights in the US, aside from calling for U.N. involvement in Arizona, he leaps right into America bashing.  He points out what he considers flaws in the U.S. Constitution, then toots his own horn as the president who promoted and passed universal health care legislation, and ended “torture” at Guantanamo. As if torture there was the American people’s idea.  Sounding more like a constitutional destroyer than a constitutional scholar, he points out what he calls our human rights inadequacies — discrimination and oppression of ethnic minorities, women,  the handicapped and homosexuals.  Making himself look like the American people’s deliverer, our messiah — it reads like he’s stumping for election, perhaps as Secretary General of the UN.

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In this report the federal government will turn over to the UN, control of all action regarding Arizona border policy. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer demanded that it’s new immigration law, SB-1070 be removed from the Human Rights report to the United Nations, which also contains the unconstitutional federal court challenge to the Arizona law, listing it as one of the federal methods used to protect human rights. Governor Brewer, in a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated that the inclusion of the Arizona law as a human rights violation was not only wrong, but was “downright offensive.” She continues, “The idea of our own American government submitting the duly enacted laws of a state of the United States to ‘review’ by the United Nations is internationalism run amok and unconstitutional.”

This unparalleled call for United Nations intervention to cover federal inaction on the border, and spin it as a civil-rights violation by Arizona, is incorrigible.  Some would call it treasonous.  Arizona has been fighting this illegal immigration problem now for over 30 years, while the federal government has been doing everything it can to avoid the problem.  There are those who will say that the immigration situation is so vast that the only way the federal government can solve it, is by calling on the United Nations.  This is poppycock, pure unadulterated internationalist tripe of the highest order.  He’s merely escalating the Bush open-door immigration policy Americans don’t want, nor can we afford to have continue.

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For the president to insinuate civil rights abuses as his reasons, is a slap in the face of the people of Arizona, and the United States. We have bent over backwards and been taxed to the hilt, to accommodate and pay for the 30 million from south of the border who have already entered the country illegally.  The president’s language suggests the beginnings of sanctions, that could escalate into actions similar to those on Iraq after the First Gulf War.  Sanctions that took a first world nation back to Third World poverty in less than two decades. This President’s actions betray his true loyalties, and begins the toppling of the first domino within the United States — Arizona.  To quote Abraham Lincoln, “This nation can never be conquered from without. If it is ever to fall it will be from within.”

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