February 15, 2013

Many businesses in America, large, medium and small, are operating on shoestring budgets.  As Obamacare began to kick in, hundreds of businesses began laying off staff to offset the increased costs they face under Obamacare.  Consequently, thousands of people have lost their jobs, thanks to Obama and his Affordable Care Act.

Hundreds of other businesses, especially many small businesses have had to drop health benefits for their employees as they can no longer afford the higher premiums.  Consequently, thousands of Americans who still have jobs have lost their employer provided healthcare plans.  The vast majority of these employees cannot afford to purchase their own health insurance because the Affordable Care Act has driven prices beyond what is affordable.  Consequently, thousands of Americans are finding themselves uninsured.

Then there are all of the tax increases that took effect this year that are also hitting business owners hard.  If a business owner makes $250,000 or more a year, they are facing combined tax increases of 6%-10%.

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