As we reported on October 20, the notice posted recently by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) asking for bids for card stock that will be used to print millions of Permanent Resident Cards (commonly called “green cards”) and Employment Authorization Documentation cards (“work permits”) has caused many observers to believe that the Obama administration is planning to open the immigration floodgates right after November’s elections.

The USCIS figures indicated that the subdivision of Homeland Security will need 34,000,000 cards over the next five years — 6,800,000 annually — starting with an initial order of 4,000,000. Since the combined total of work permits and green cards issued in recent years is a little over two million, the tripling of the amount of cards needed indicates to many that the Obama administration is preparing for a “surge” in the number of aliens to be admitted.

Charlie Spierling, the White House correspondent for Breitbart News, which broke this story on October 19 based on information uncovered by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), attended Press Secretary Josh Earnest’s press conference on October 21. The official transcript on the White House website records how Earnest (shown) deflected Spierling’s question about the cards:

Q [from Charlie Spierling]: The recent story on the USCIS preparing for a surge of government IDs; do you have a response to that?

MR. EARNEST: I don’t. I’d refer you to USCIS on that. I don’t have any information about that.

Considering that USCIS is part of the Department of Homeland Security, whose secretary, Jeh Johnson, reports directly to the president, and that USCIS’s planned printing of a massive increase in these cards has received widespread media attention, would it be unreasonable to assume that the president’s press secretary would have at least a canned response to the question in his notes?

It is apparent that the White House is following though on its statement issued by e-mail to major news organizations on September 6 stating that President Obama “believes it would be harmful” to his immigration policy to announce any administrative action on immigration before this November’s elections.

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