Julian Pecquet
The Hill
May 4, 2013

President Obama did not rule out sending U.S. troops to Syria on Friday but said he did “not foresee” such a scenario if his administration confirms that Bashar Assad’s regime has used chemical weapons.

“As a general rule, I don’t rule things out as commander-in-chief, because circumstances change. You want to make sure I always have the full power of the United States at our disposal to meet American national security interests,” Obama said during a press conference in Costa Rica. “Having said that, I do not foresee a scenario in which American boots on the ground in Syria would not only be good for America but also be good for Syria.”

He said the regional leaders who want to see Assad gone “agree with that assessment.”

The president added that if his administration confirms that Assad’s regime crossed his “red line” by using chemical weapons, he would take the case for action to the United Nations.

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