J. Speer-Williams
January 13, 2010

Obama’s healthcare legislation is not more socialism, it’s fascism, pure and simple, with “our” government fronting for the private International Monetary/Banking Cartel’s insurance corporations, at great expense to all taxpaying Americans, who will be receiving far less health care than ever before.

Socialist congressman from Ohio, Dennis Kucinich, who along with Texas Libertarian Congressman Ron Paul, who make up part of a handful of those in congress not owned by the Monetary Cartel, has shed some light on Obama’s new healthcare bill, which will ensure US health care will become progressively worse, at great expense to all of us who still pay income taxes:

“We have been led to believe that we must make our health care choices only within the current structure of a predatory for-profit insurance system, which makes money not providing health care,” wrote Congressman Kucinich.

“We cannot fault the insurance companies for being what they are. But we can fault legislation in which the government incentivizes the perpetuation, indeed, the strengthening of the for-profit health insurance industry, the very source of the problem. When health insurance companies deny care or raise premiums, co-pays and deductibles they are simply trying to make a profit. That is our system.

“Clearly, the insurance companies are the problem, not the solution. They are driving up the cost of health care.

[efoods]”Because their massive bureaucracy avoids paying bills so effectively, they force hospitals and doctors to hire their own bureaucracy to fight the insurance companies to avoid getting stuck with an unfair share of the bills. The result is that since 1970, the number of physicians has increased by less than 200%, while the number of administrators has increased by 3,000%. It is no wonder that 31 cents of every health care dollar goes to administrative costs, not toward providing care. Even those with insurance are at risk. The single biggest cause of bankruptcies in the US is health insurance policies that do not cover you when you get sick.”

Former TV/movie star Chuck Norris tells us that Obama’s 2,000, or so, page health care bill has sections which allow government agents entry into our homes to usurp parental rights over child care and development.

Considering the crime and corruption of the federal government, Mr,. Obama, do you really believe your administration is better qualified to rear our children than American parents, or have you gotten to those pages during your “careful” study of the legislation you have so vehemently supported?

This disaster called Obamacare is a runaway fascistic bill, that no one in the White House or congress has written or read, but is being heralded as morally necessary for America. Does anyone know everything that’s in these 2,000 plus pages of badly written legalese? Yes, those mysterious demons in the Cartel’s “think-tanks” and tax-free foundations, who wrote those 2,000 plus pages, know all about it, very unlike those in congress who voted for it and a president who will sign it.

And for those of you who like the ever expanding growth of the federal government, you shall be thrilled with Obamacare: It’s estimated that 111 new bureaucracies, boards, commissions, and programs will be spawn from Obamacare, which will raise insurance premiums, ration care, and increase the overall cost of health care in America, while the quality of medical care sinks ever lower.

Additionally, Obamacare will require Americans who shun Western medicine in favor of alternative medicines – not covered by insurance – to buy expensive, corporate, health insurance from the very corporations the health conscious have long avoided, with threats of huge fines and prison time. In other words, Obamacare will not cover  the purchase of vitamins, minerals, homeopathy, acupuncture, naturopathic, or chiropractic care, but will force health enlightened citizens to buy into the cut, burn, and poison rackets of corporate drugs and bloody surgeries.

Mr. President, would it not have been better to have concentrated your health care legislation on real care, by curbing the abuses and malpractices of the medical/pharmaceutical combine, that kills so many of us? Tell us, Sir … when will you begin delivering on your promise of “change we can believe in?”

From the jury box to the ballot box to our cartridge boxes, “our” government is stealing our justice, our democracy, and our freedoms, while ruining our health and standard of living in the process.

But the dark days of the oligarchs are drawing to a close, as people across the world awaken to the crimes of the Cartel and their weaselly minions in government.

Just you wait Mr. Henry Higgins … just you wait!

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