Recently the Daily Caller reported new taxes coming online that will burden state government Medicaid programs to the tune of $37 billion over the next decade. States are now scrambling to keep their Medicare and Medicaid programs “actuarially sound” to keep them compliant with 1997 Federal Law that requires them to remain free of debt.

These new taxes pale in comparison to the $150 billion in new taxes public health insurance companies will have to foot over the next decade. Customers are already feeling the pain by being kicked off or having huge increases in their existing plans.

All this to fund a bill whose 11.5 million words in regulations is 30 times as long as the 381,517-word Affordable Care Act, and which congress passed but admittedly failed to even read.

What does this mean to you? Forbes reports that there are at least 7 Obamacare taxes to hit those earning under 250K per year.. and even after these billions are paid into a system that has spent over $5 billion to make failed and underused websites. Will you ever even be able to get so called “health care?”

As you are watching this video, hospitals across the country are being shut down in states like Georgia, and numerous hospital staff layoffs are happening in Ohio, Tennessee, Iowa and Indiana. And we are only five months into “affordable health care.” In addition to the layoffs and closings, The National Federation of Independent Business projects between 152,000 and 286,000 jobs health care industry jobs will be lost by 2023.

This will lead to overcrowded waiting rooms, rationed care – which is being reported in California and death panels that will be formed to kill off the elderly. In fact Congress is calling for an investigation into “death panels” being instituted which led to at least 40 deaths in Phoenix. During this time the VA director in Phoenix received a 9K bonus.

You are the solution to this problem. You must do your own research into your health. Don’t expect solutions to come from the government or the corporate health care industry, which is designed and financed by big pharma companies to keep you under their heel.

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