Susan Jones
CNS News
December 4, 2013

President Barack Obama began a three-week campaign to plug Obamacare on Tuesday, telling an audience in Washington to look beyond the problems with the website to the law itself, which is working well and is here to stay, he said — “as long as I’m president.”

“You know, the bottom line is, this law is working and will work into the future,” Obama said. “People want the financial stability of health insurance. And we’re going to keep on working to fix whatever problems come up. In any start-up, any launch of a project this big, that has an impact on one-sixth of our economy, whatever comes up, we’re going to just fix it because we know that the ultimate goal, the ultimate aim is to make sure that people have basic security and the foundation for the good health that they need.”

President Obama on Tuesday mentioned several people whom the law has helped, and he said Obamacare is here to stay.

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