July 18, 2013

Obama seems to be addicted to signing unconstitutional executive orders. The latest mandate from on high may eventually result in mandatory HIV tests for everybody between the ages of 15 and 65 years.

Of course, for now, this is just a “recommendation.” Funny thing about government recommendations, though, as that they eventually become mandatory, usually under some specious excuse of another.

For instance, protecting children from guns or evil homeschoolers.

Governments of every stripe love exploiting children.

From Obama’s EO, posted on the White House website:

Based on these and other data, recommendations for HIV testing and treatment have changed. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force now recommends that clinicians screen all individuals ages 15 to 65 years for HIV, and the Department of Health and Human Services Guidelines for Use of Antiretroviral Agents now recommends offering treatment to all adolescents and adults diagnosed with HIV.

Lucky for us, we won’t have to worry about this until 2015 when the “employer mandate” finally kicks in.



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