Obamacare premiums are going up for 2015. But your Obamacare premium doesn’t have to.

Multiple experts have sliced and diced the Obamacare health insurance offerings for 2015, and most, if not all, have found that premiums are rising, on average. They used different criteria for measuring premium changes.

Consumers in the most popular 2014 plan — the cheapest silver tier plan — will pay an average of 10% more for the same policy next year, according to Avelere Health, an advisory firm.

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Looking at premiums for all tier levels by state, the average increase is 5.2%, found Pricewaterhouse Coopers, a consulting group.

Since the exchanges didn’t exist before this year, insurers had a tough time pricing their policies for 2014, said Dan Mendelson, Avelere’s CEO. Now that they have a better idea of the popularity of their offerings and the health status of their newly enrolled, they can set a more precise premium for 2015.

But all this doesn’t mean that consumers will pay more for coverage through the exchanges next year.

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