Obama vs Paul would be a nightmare for Democrat strategists

Steve Watson
Aug 19, 2011


White House insiders and senior Democrats close to the Obama administration are desperately hoping that Texas Governor Rick Perry wins the GOP nomination, because Perry represents perhaps the only chance Obama has of staying in office.

“I was praying Perry would get in the race,” Reuters quotes a former White House aide closely linked to Obama’s campaign.

The article continues:

…the harder a Republican candidate leans to the right the easier it will be for the Democratic president to beat him or her in a general election, several Obama campaigners said.

The rabbit hole goes deeper than this, however. Back in June we were able to announce that Rick Perry would be thrust into the presidential race as a front runner, precisely because he is the establishment pick for the GOP nomination.

Perry, as a two faced career politician, is an ever willing servant of the elite. The man has long been groomed for the situation he now finds himself in.

From the HPV vaccination scandal to the NAFTA Superhighway project, every step of the way throughout his career, Perry has served the interests of corporatists and globalists, while claiming to be acting in the best interests of the American people.

As a protégé of Karl Rove, Perry represents the status quo as far as neocon warmongering goes. A vote for Obama is a vote for a vastly beefed defense budget and endless expansion of foreign occupations. A vote for Perry will get you exactly the same, except with less of the “humanitarian” spin and more of the “smoke ’em out” bullshit.

Look beyond the rhetoric and study what Perry has actually done in his role as Governor – he’s the ultimate globalist – his every action illustrates how he’s the diametric opposite to the image of the Tea Party populist that he is now attempting to portray. That’s why he’s the perfect pick for the globalists, someone who can suck in the trust of the American people only to stab them in the back upon becoming president, just as Obama did before him.

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The reason Perry is in resides in the fact that in an otherwise comparatively weak GOP field, the establishment cannot take any chances in allowing Congressman Ron Paul to gain momentum as the only candidate who has a real chance of defeating Obama.

Paul vs Obama would represent the establishment’s worst nightmare on every front.

As polls have shown, out of the Republican candidates, only Ron Paul has a realistic hope of success in a hypothetical run off against Obama – the other candidates are equally unpopular as the President.

A CNN poll from May 2011 showed that Paul has the best chance among Republicans of defeating Obama in a head-to-head election:

Paul even faired significantly better in the poll than Mitt Romney. The poll found that Romney would lose by 11 points if he got the nomination and went head to head with Obama, whereas Paul only trailed the President by 7 points.

This is telling given the fact that Obama aides have openly admitted they would prefer not to run against Romney. Of course, in line with their corporate media mouthpieces, the White House is still pretending Ron Paul doesn’t exist.

Other recent surveys have placed Paul on a par with Obama.

Rick Perry’s bumbling and botched attack on Ben Bernanke earlier this week highlights how he, like the other GOP candidates, is attempting to play a role that Ron Paul has epitomized for over thirty years as far as fiscal and monetary policy goes.

In reality, however, Perry is in the pocket of the bankers. He has personally overseen spending in excess of $22 billion in Texas from stimulus money provided by the federal government’s bailout package.

During Perry’s 11 year tenure, Texas has run up a $13.4 billion deficit, which is 31.5% of the 2011 budget. The Lone Star state has the 3rd highest deficit in the entire country behind only California and Illinois.

LIttle wonder then that Banking executives are literally flocking to Perry’s side. James Mahoney, Director of Public Policy for Bank of America was caught on video today at a fundraiser, introducing himself and promising to “help out” Perry.

Can you imagine for one second Ron Paul allowing himself to be courted by the very individuals and corporations that are responsible for bringing the country to its knees?

As Alex Jones noted in his recent “The Ron Paul Tipping Point” video:

The ruling class of this country, the fortune 100, the private Federal Reserve, have amassed their wealth through monopoly. They have amassed their wealth through insider, anti-capitalist, crony systems. And now their system is basically imploding because of their corrupt policies, and activities and looting.

And here is Ron Paul, who’s called it every step of the way with incredible precision, who has the constitutional answers to get our country back on the right track. And the system is scared to death. They’re like vampires faced with a cross, or holy water, or a truckload of garlic. They are in absolute panic mode because they’ve looked at the numbers, and they know Ron Paul is the real frontrunner in the 2012 election.

And they know that if he continues to catch on, even their electronic voting machines won’t be able to stop a landslide. And if they did the public would see right through it. So they have to convince you that he’s unelectable. They have to sell you on the idea that “Oh, I like Ron Paul, but, he’s not available, he can’t win.”

The fact that Ron Paul is the true frontrunner and is popular across the political spectrum, and major political analysts have had to admit that only Ron Paul can effectively beat Barack Obama, that’s why the system is scared of him. And that illustrates how awake people are, that Ron Paul is the most popular – and if this were a fair game and wasn’t rigged – would be our next President.


Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’ Infowars.net, and Prisonplanet.com. He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham in England.

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