While no one is surprised that President Obama followed through on his threat to unilaterally change the country’s immigration laws, many held out faint hope that he might pull the country back from the brink. His amnesty speech on Thursday, however, was a retrenchment; the words of a man determined to reshape the country in his own vainglorious image, the will of the people be damned.

The November 4 midterms — and their unmistakable repudiation of “every single one” of the policies the president insisted were on the ballot — are irrelevant to him and his cult of personality. That we’ve had a functioning constitutional republic since 1789 is of no significants, and no obstacle to this man and his stated desire to “fundamentally transform” the United States.

What GOP majorities in both houses of Congress can or will do to stop Obama’s lawlessness in January remains to be seen; for now, he’s gotten away with it. How? That’s easy.

Jonathan Gruber, the slick-talking academic who lined his pockets by touting the “stupidity of the American voter.” Five million dollars worth of stupid.

The current most-infamous Obama administration hack (Eric Holder is leaving, after all) wasn’t involved in planning executive amnesty as far as anyone can tell. But Gruber’s methodology was all over the president’s speech. This should shock no one, because he’s gotten over on the public time and again and again by eschewing facts and reason in favor of base appeals to raw emotion.

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