Kurt Nimmo
June 22, 2008

Ryan Singel writes for Wired:

Politically, it would be hard for Obama to buck his party’s leadership on [warrantless wiretapping], and voting against the bill could anger the intelligence community. The former he needs now and after the election (if he wins). The latter he’ll need to be able to rely on if he does win in the fall.

In other words, Obama is more indebted to “his party’s leadership” and the intelligence community than the Constitution and the American people. Of course, this makes sense, as the candidates selected by the ruling elite — indeed, almost the whole of Congress — are little more than minions, subordinates, and henchmen for the New World Order.

Predictably, this will not matter to millions of Dems who have bought into Obama’s “change” mantra and they will flock to the polls in numbers come November and enthusiastically approve of their own slavery. Obama can do no wrong for them and they have no problem with slavery and misery so long as it is a Dem at the helm.

Recall Obama’s wife telling the working women of Milwaukee that if they want “change” — she was talking about government mandated “health care” and education — they will need to sacrifice. “The change we are talking about is the change in our spirits, and a change of how we define leadership and a change in how we define our democracy and our society and what does it mean to be part of a broader society,” said CFR member Michelle Obama.

Obviously, according to her husband, part of the change ahead includes having the government snoop on our phone calls, internet destinations, email, and medical and credit records. It means we will have to do without the Bill of Rights and the Fourth Amendment.

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