Andrew Steele
America 20xy
May 5, 2010

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The annual mingling of Hollywood and Washington DC known as the Correspondents Association dinner has produced its share of character revealing moments over the years, most notable being George Bush’s joke about not finding WMDs in Iraq, which received laughter from the elite attendees of the event and outrage from the anti-war movement.  Such a remark showed the callousness of the presidential team…(and I say team because the public image of the president is sculpted by his handlers, hardly by the man himself)…joking about what’s been sold to the history books officially as a massive intelligence failure that led to the countless deaths of US soldiers and Iraqis, and what in actuality was a lie to sell a war for profit to the American people.

Last weekend, Barack Obama, like his predecessor, also let his phony statesmen mask slip.  Giving a shout-out to some boy band that his daughters are fans of he warned the boys not to “try anything” with them, telling the audience  he had two words for the boys: “predator drones”.   Then after some fake laughter, (the laughter of status seekers trying to sound sincere because a man of supposed power is delivering the punchline), he added, “you’ll never see it coming.  I’m serious”.

Ha-ha-ha…you know who else never saw it coming– the countless civilians that predator drones have killed in Afghanistan and Pakistan over past decade, the instances of such deaths increasing during Obama’s time in office.

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