Kurt Nimmo
June 17, 2009

Obama’s misnamed “Financial Regulatory Reform Plan” is a brazen attempt by the bankers to consolidate their power.

Obama’s plan will be run out of the Treasury under former New York Fed Grand Poobah Timothy Geithner.

Obama — or rather, the bankers who own Obama — has devised something called a “Financial Services Oversight Council” to be chaired by the bankster dominated Treasury Department. This uber-council would call the shots for every financial firm in the country and supposedly refer “emerging risks to the attention of regulators with the authority to respond,” even as Obama plans to call for the U.S. Office of Thrift Supervision to close under the direction of the Federal Reserve.

Instead of independent bank regulators, Obama proposes a “National Bank Supervisor” who would have “separate status within Treasury and be led by a single executive,” according to Clusterstock. The NBS czar would occupy a centralized post in enemy territory and “take over the prudential responsibilities of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, which currently charters and supervises nationally chartered banks and federal branches and agencies of foreign banks.”

Next up, Obama tells us he wants to create a Consumer Financial Protection Agency, a laughable proposal if it wasn’t so criminally dishonest. It would be charged with protecting consumers of credit, savings, payment and financial products and services, or so we are expected to believe. It will be another government behemoth beholden to the same financial elite that has so far ransacked the nation to the tune of trillions of dollars.

“The CFPA will be a massive new agency that will impact everyone in the United States in some form,” writes Andrew Busch, a markets strategist at BMO Capital Markets in Chicago. “Providing this much power to one agency is truly frightening as they will get to set the rules and pick the winners/losers for the financial sector.”

You know, the same “winners” now ruling the roost.

Then there is the Office of National Insurance, also to set up camp in the Treasury. It will allegedly improve and broaden the regulation of insurance companies and affiliates on a consolidated basis, including affiliates outside the traditional insurance business, and will offer consistent consumer protection for insurance products and practices.

The excuse for this one is the failure of AIG. On September 16, 2008, AIG suffered a liquidity crisis following the downgrade of its credit rating. It needed a $85 billion credit infusion from the money out of thin air folks over at the Federal Reserve. The Fed basically ended up owning AIG and its boatload of toxic debt.

If you check the Federal Reserve Act, you will see there is nothing in there about the ability to buy up insurance companies. But then, since the Fed is not actually a part of the U.S. government and is a private banking corporation owned by a consortium of private banks, it is not beholden to no stinking act passed in the dead of night during a Christmas recess way back in 1913.

[efoods]It wasn’t insurance losses that nearly toppled AIG — it was the actions of secretive unit that caused more than $18 billion in losses for the world’s largest insurance company. AIG Financial Products was run like a hedge fund out of London and Wilton, Connecticut, and specialized in derivatives masquerading as “financial products.”

Do you think the Treasury, run by little Timmy Geithner — who was president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, worked for the master criminals Robert Rubin and Lawrence Summers, spent time at the CFR and learned a trick or two under the direction of Herr Kissinger and Associates — will “regulate” derivatives pretending to be “financial products” for insurance customers?


Wall Street and its international offshore banker overlords are addicted to derivatives. “These derivatives now amount to a total worldwide notional value that can be estimated between 1 quadrillion and two quadrillion US dollars. This sum is so large that it dwarfs the total value of the entire planet earth and all those who live here,” notes Webster G. Tarpley.

If you think Obama and crew plan to do something about this massive black hole, I have a bridge to sell you on Krypton.

Obama’s “Financial Regulatory Reform Plan” is but another bankster scam. It is an obvious plan to grab up more industries and goodies under the guise of “regulation” and (ack) “consumer protection.” So contemptuous of you and your family are the bankers they don’t even attempt to make this threadbare nonsense plausible. It is thievery right out in the open.

Our only hope at this point is the Federal Reserve Transparency Act, HR 1207, now up to 232 co-sponsors. It needs a two-thirds vote with 290 members on board so the bankster tool Obama will not veto it.

On that day of its passage there will be a short cry of hosanna — and then we will open the Fed’s books and begin the process of delivering the criminals to justice and closing down the Federal Reserve Crime Syndicate once and for all.

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