Kurt Nimmo
April 17, 2009

It is bad enough that Keith Olbermann has lost any sense of objectivity when it comes to the Tea Parties, but it is far worse that he invited the scurrilous Janeane Garofalo on his show. Garofalo wasted precious little time (at 8.25 into the video here) dismissing millions of people opposed to Obama’s policies (that is to say the policies of Bush continued).

Keith Olbermann and the reprehensible Janeane Garofalo slander the majority of Americans as racist.

Garofalo called all of us to the man and woman racist. Regrettably, Keith Olbermann agreed with her.

It should be obvious by now these people are worse — more rabid and mean-spirited and pathological — than the Bush neocons who managed to kill more than a million Iraqis and set the stage for what shall come under Obama by the premeditated whacking the underpinnings of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Neocons rarely displayed such ugliness. Instead of abusing their enemies with foul epithets, they simply ignored them. Garofalo and Olbermann, however, seem to relish in such despicable attacks. Prior to inviting Garofalo on his show, Olbermann ticked off a series of adolescent insults directed at the “teabaggers” — meant in the pornographic sense, as eluded — that is to say anybody and everybody who believes cranking up the national debt to is a disaster in the making.


Olbermann and Garofalo are cheerleaders for more of the same. In fact, they are enemies of the people who they snidely dismiss as racists.

As John Stauber notes, the Obama administration has done a swell job hijacking the antiwar movement. MoveOn.org, Americans United for Change, USAction, and other so-called liberal organizations — so vociferous when Bush was running things — have uniformly failed to condemn Obama’s Afghanistan policy. Jon Soltz, the head of VoteVets, went so far as to come out in support of Obama’s Afghan strategy in an Op Ed with The Huffington Post. “Liberal groups don’t want to distract from passing Obama’s enormous domestic agenda,” Soltz declared. “And officials with some of these groups don’t want to lose inside influence with the White House.”

Incidentally, MoveOn, USAction, and VoteVets are all Soros operations.

They are no longer opposed to the slaughter of Afghan children now that the former cigar store Indian George Bush is out of office.

It is no coincidence Olbermann and Garofalo are calling those of us opposed to more of the same as racists at the same time a “leaked” DHS report warns of “rightwing extremism” (categorized by the SPLC and ADL as not merely extremism, but racist and white supremacist extremism).

It is no mistake the elite have decided to play the race card. It is a near perfect way to demonize the opposition and discount their arguments. Few will oppose marching said racists off to FEMA camps where they will be reeducated to accept the global elite’s master plan for worldwide slavery and misery — or short of that done away with.

For now, the fake liberals do not believe in the existence of FEMA camps anymore than the fake conservative Glenn Beck or his friends working in the Hearst empire do.

In the end, though, Olbermann and Garofalo and the foundation supported liberal Reichswehr will fall victim to a Night of the Long Knives because the global elite have about as much use for them as they do for the rest of us.

Our only hope is that we can awaken the American people to the scam in progress and turn the juggernaut around before it ends in disaster and a eugenics nightmare.

In the meantime we have no choice but to endure Olbermann’s smirk and Garofalo’s snide remarks.

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