Obama and Senate work together to save government’s confiscatory agency

Kurt Nimmo
December 10, 2013

Obama has selected John Koskinen to head up the scandal-ridden Internal Revenue Service. Koskinen, who warms a seat on the board of American Capital and has experience running a government soccer foundation, told the Senate Finance Committee today he will restore faith in the IRS.

“In every area of the IRS, taxpayers need to be confident that they will be treated fairly no matter what their backgrounds or their affiliations,” Koskinen said. “Public trust is the IRS’ most important and valuable asset.”

Acting IRS boss Danny Werfel gets grilled: Government desperate to get its major confiscatory agency out of the crosshairs.

Trust is not an asset for the IRS. Fear is. Most Americans dutifully submit bureaucratic paperwork on April 15 out of fear, not a sense of obligation or duty to government.

Since Obama was chosen to read a teleprompter and robosign legislation for the global elite, the IRS has been increasingly put to the test as a political weapon. It was used in the past by other presidents to persecute political opponents, but the agency was switched into overdrive after the appointment of Barry Obama, the CIA groomed front man for the ruling elite.

Due to partisan politics and revelations of over-the-top targeting of tea party organizations by the agency, acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller was forced to step down in May after the Treasury Inspector General for tax administration released an audit accusing the agency of illegally targeting political groups opposed to Obama. Obama’s handpicked temp, Danny Werfel, will step aside if Mr. Koskinen gets the nod.

It looks like Koskinen is a shoo-in. The chairman of the Finance Committee, Montana Senator Max Baucus, and Utah Senator Orrin Hatch, who is top dog on the committee, said they back the bankster minion Koskinen. It looks like he will be ushered in with no serious opposition and will rule the IRS for the next five years.

Koskinen said he will work with the committee to resolve any issues regarding the targeting of tea party and conservative groups, according to the Washington Times. Since Koskinen is an Obama political pick, however, it is not clear what sort of reform will occur at the agency.

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