February 7, 2014

Earlier today Obama praised a reported increase in job numbers. The government will use the spike – which is, the establishment media notes, below expectations – to say we’re back on the road to recovery.

But we’re not back on the road to recovery. In fact, the job numbers cited by Obama represent about a third of what is needed to get the unemployed back to work – and more worrisome, especially if so-called amnesty is enacted – even less of what will be needed if a large influx of immigrants become legally able to look for work.

“In 2010, 1,042,626 legal immigrants came to the U.S. (We’ll use the same number for 2012, since it’s the latest data available).

This gives us 2,932,026 new workers in 2012,” a post of Skeptics notes.

“So to maintain our current employment rate, we’d need to create, on average, 244,336 jobs every month.”

Plus, adding salt to the unemployment wound, researchers said last September that illegal immigration is on the upswing after a downturn following the Great Recession beginning in 2007.

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