Kurt Nimmo
January 17, 2009

“People don’t remember what fascism was, I am afraid. A lot of people think, especially here in the U.S. where people are ignorant, people believe that fascism is a purely top down phenomenon,” author Webster Griffin Tarpley told the Dutch journalist Daan de Wit during an interview on May 11, 2008. “Fascism is the march on Rome; fascism is the storm troopers fighting in the streets. It is a gutter and street level movement; it is a grass roots movement that has anti-authoritarian cover, anti-parliamentary, anti-congress cover. It has left cover. Mussolini of course was a revolutionary socialist and a lot of people in his movement were left wingers, you now, extreme trade union activists, syndicalists and stuff like this.”

The Marxist Leon Trotsky understood this. Speaking of German and Italian fascism, Trotsky said fascism requires “a great deal of socialist demagogy. This is necessary for the creation of the mass movement. The genuine basis (for fascism) is the petty bourgeoisie. In Italy, it has a very large base — the petty bourgeoisie of the towns and cities, and the peasantry. In Germany, likewise, there is a large base for fascism.” Mussolini’s fascist mass movement did not consist primarily of “petty bourgeoisie” followers as Trotsky seems to indicate, but had a large number of more affluent middle and upper class followers as well, an important and indeed required element due to the fact fascism is not a truly revolutionary ideology but one that preserves the socioeconomic status quo at all costs under the cover of revolution. As the communist political theorist Antonio Gramsci correctly noted, fascism represents the “Caesarism” of the ruling elite. (It should be noted that Gramsci was arrested by Mussolini and interned at Regina Coeli, the famous Roman prison.)

In order for the banksters and ruling elite behind Obama to realize their political agenda and wipe out all effective opposition in the process, the Obama mass movement — initially described as merely a grassroots political movement organized to get Obama elected — will now become “Obama 2.0,” or officially “Organizing for America,” a “new group… that aims to continue the grassroots advocacy that the former Illinois Senator began in his presidential campaign,” according to the Washington Post.

The new group will work within the Democratic National Committee — led by Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine — to advance the Obama agenda. “President-elect Obama has laid the foundation to meet the great challenges facing our nation, but we can succeed only if we build grassroots support for the administration’s agenda,” said Kaine in a release announcing the formation of Organizing for America.

The new group had been long expected within Obama’s inner circle and, although no details on how it would be staffed were released by the transition office today, it is expected that longtime Obama loyalists will be placed in charge — following the blueprint set out at the DNC.

In the above, simply trade “grassroots” for “mass movement” and you will have a better idea of what is going on.

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As Tarpley notes in Obama – the Postmodern Coup, “the banking establishment (Trilateral, Bilderberger, CFR, etc.) appears determined to play the card of mass mobilization through the so-called Obama movement.” Not only will this “notable shift in strategy and tactics… require the synthesis of a new form of mass demagogy” and a new ideology (in essence, the same old ideology repackaged) for the sake of the neoliberal globalist agenda of foreign wars in the name of corporate domination, it will also require an authoritarian clampdown on domestic opposition. “Obama could,” Tarpley writes, “deploy his lemming legions in the form of a postmodern fascist mass movement, making political resistance to his regime inside the United States a very difficult enterprise.”

Americans no longer read and learn from history and this will lead to their downfall. As numerous historians note, including Tarpley, fascism begins as a mass movement covertly sponsored by the bankers and produces a system destined to crush all individuality. “As in the writings of Mussolini’s ideologue, Giovanni Gentile, or the ravings of Michael Ledeen, the aspirations of the individual are rigidly subordinated to the exigencies of the regime,” Tarpley warns.


According to the Center for Responsive Politics, “executives of finance, insurance and real estate companies and their family members” are footing a large part of the inaugural bill. “Top donors from the world of high finance included George Soros, Ronald Perelman and David Shaw, the center said.”

“While Americans are hoping for real change in Washington, many deep-pocketed donors are hoping money still buys them access and influence,” said Sheila Krumholz, executive director of the non-partisan money-in-politics watchdog group.

Unfortunately. Ms. Krumholz is clueless — “deep-pocketed donors” not only have access, they in fact own the government lock, stock, and barrel.

It is not an exaggeration to claim that über-billionaire George Soros owns the Democrat party, as Saturday Night Live proffered as a joke back in October. Obama has met repeatedly with the “liberal” Soros — as the neocons and faux conservatives foolishly call him — and the globalist fixer has lined up crucial support and fundraisers with the likes of Jim Torrey, Brian Mathis, Jamie Rubin, Orin Kramer, Paul Tudor Jones, Edgar Bronfman, Jr., and Steven Gluckstern of Soro’s globalist Democracy Alliance, among influential and criminal others (see How Soros Financed Obama’s Campaign).

You may remember Ronald Perelman, at one time billed as the richest man in America — he made billions on the stooped back of the average chump taxpayer. In 1988, “the First Gibraltar Bank was merged with four failing S&Ls and sold to Ronald Perelman (at the time, the fifth richest man in America). Perelman and his partners paid just $315 million for $7.1 billion in good assets; the government then gave them $5.1 billion to cover bad assets, plus $900 million in tax breaks. In the first year Perelman et al. owned it, Gibraltar made a profit of $129 million and got an additional $ 121 million in tax breaks,” write Mark Zepezauer and Arthur Naiman (The S & L Bailout:$32 billion every year for 30 years).

David Shaw is a dwarf by way of comparison, a mere “venture capitalist” in pharmaceuticals, who is married to actress Glenn Close and spends time rubbing elbows over at the Council on Foreign Relations.

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