April 7, 2011

Following up on our previous post in which a top official with the American Petroleum Institute says we can expect gas prices to rise to $5 per gallon, John Hawkins happens to have piece up today on Barack Obama’s plan to address gas prices … well, sort of.

It’s not exactly about Obama’s plan to address gas prices, because … even with prices having risen 30% over the last year and now averaging $3.69 per gallon (up 67% since he took office) … Obama has no such plan. Only what Hawkins aptly describes as Obama’s Plan To Come Up With A Plan To Convince People He Has A Plan On Gas Prices:

Obama hates the oil industry, he’s blocking drilling in ANWR, he still has the clamps down on drilling in the Gulf — in other words, if it increases the price of oil, he’s favor. If he were honest, Obama would simply make the case to the American people for high gas prices. But of course, Obama’s not honest. He’s a diehard socialist with a moderate candy shell designed to trick people into swallowing his leftism.So instead of the truth, we get a dog and pony show that’s designed to mislead the American people …

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